Pre-School Classes-Ages 2 to 6

Pre-School Dance (Ages 2-6) 1 Hour Weekly:

Classes are further broken down into two age groups – ages 2-4 and ages 5-6

This class is geared to develop the basics of Ballet and Tap technique.  Geared to develop imagination, coordination, and social skills, this is a fun and exciting class for this age group. Two dances will be performed in our spring performance.

Children & Teen Classes

I: (ages 5-7)   II: (ages 7-9)   III: (ages 10-12)  IV: (ages 13-14)V: (ages 14-up)

Combination Class (ages 6-8) – 1 ½ Hours Weekly (ages 8-10) – 2 Hours Weekly:

This is a continuation of Ballet and Tap with the addition of Jazz. This allows older students to continue to develop their dance technique. This program is designed to increase confidence as well as strength and flexibility. These dancers will perform three routines in our spring performance.

Ballet – III-V – 1 Hour Weekly

Ballet is the foundation for all dance training. Although this class is not required, it is highly recommended for all students. Students will learn proper alignment of the body, strength, flexibility, vocabulary, proper technique and grace.

Pointe – III -V – 1 Hour Weekly

Pointe: This class in a continuation of ballet technique. This class is only studied when a dancer has developed the proper strength in the legs and feet. Only students 11 years old and above are eligible for this class. Any student taking this class must take their regular ballet class in addition to Pointe.

Tap- III – Adult – 1 Hour Weekly

Tap: Tap is a percussive class that uses technique with or without music. Students will learn vocabulary and the different styles of tap during class as well as the history of tap. This class will develop rhythm, timing, and musicality. Musical Theater elements are also incorporated. It is recommended that a Jazz or Ballet class be taken in addition to Tap.

Jazz- III-Adult – 1 Hour Weekly

Jazz: Jazz will improve a student’s flexibility, strength and coordination using different styles of Jazz (theater dance and hip-hop) with a variety of music. This is a fast paced class that will develop endurance and rhythm.

Lyrical III – V – 1 Hour Weekly

Lyrical: Lyrical is a combination of Ballet, Jazz, and Modern. This style of dance tells a story using many different types of music while using technique, strength and grace. This class will increase flexibility, control and the ability of using emotion to tell a story. Contemporary is also part of this class.

Hip-Hop I – Adult – 1 Hour Weekly

Hip-Hop: Hip-Hop is a fast paced upbeat class using the hottest dance moves. This is a fun and challenging class. Hip Hop is always well received at our spring performance.

Acro I (age 4-6) – V – 1 Hour Weekly

Acro: Very similar to gymnastics but with no equipment, students learn basic tumbling skills incorporated with dance training. Acro will increase flexibility, timing, rhythm, and coordination. Mats will be used in this class for protection.

Irish Step I – V – 1 Hour Weekly

Irish Step. Classes consist of both step and Celtic dancing.

Beginners start with the basic steps in the jig and some progress through Reel in the first year.

Intermediate continue with the Reel and progress onto the Hornpipe and Slip Jig.

Advanced Intermediate will work perfecting the Hornpipe and move on to Traditional Set Pieces.

Once the Hornpipe is perfected the dancers may get hard shoes, but will need both soft & hard. These dancers will also continue to learn more advanced Reel and Slip Jig Steps. Advanced work on non-traditional Set Pieces as well as other steps in Reel, Slip Jig and Treble Reel.

All levels work on posture, turning feet out and technique as well as group and Celtic dances. Dancers will learn Steps from Riverdance and Lord of The Dance as they progress.