July 13-17, 2016
Providence, RI

High Score Awards
2nd Mini Intermediate Solo – Gabriella N.
2nd Teen Recreational Small Groups – Safe and Sound
3rd Young Recreational Solo – Brooke D.
3rd Teen Recreational Small Groups – Runaway Baby
6th Senior Competitive Small Groups – Silent Night
6th Young Intermediate Small Groups – And They’re Off
6th Teen Recreational Small Groups – 9 to 5
7th Senior Competitive Small Groups – Hoist The Colors
8th Senior Competitive Small Groups – Men In Tights
13th Young Intermediate Small Groups – Spell Block Tango
15th Teen Competitive Solo – Miles W.
15th Senior Competitive Solo – Brandi A.
17th Senior Competitive Solo – Victoria H. (Tap)

Winner Teen Mr. – Miles W.
3rd Runner Up Mini – Gabriella N.
12th Runner Up Teen – Mara K.
13th Runner Up Teen – Claire P.

National Dance Off Participant
And They’re Off

Medal Placement
Caroline B. – Elite Gold, Brooke D. – Plattnum, Safe and Sound – Elite Gold, Cupcake Social Club – Elite Gold, Runaway Baby – Elite Gold, 9 to 5 – Elite Gold – Madison G – Elite Gold – Sylvia S. – Elite Gold, – Kaylene K. – Elite Gold, Sophia G – Elite Gold – Olivia G. – Elite Gold – Alexandra L. – Platinum, The Giving Tree – Elite Gold – Glamorous Life – Elite Gold – Spell Block Tango – Platinum, Thunderbird – Platinum, And They’re Off – Platinum, Lost Boy – Elite Gold, Gabriella N. – Platinum, Claire P. – Elite Gold, – Mara K. – Platinum, Miles W. – Platinum, Men In Tights – Platinum, Hoist The Colors – Platinum, Silent Night – Platinum, Big Spender – Elite Gold – Holly S. (Contemporary) – Elite Gold, Holly S. (Jazz) – Platinum, Sarahgrace D, – Platinum, Victoria H. (Musical Theater) – Platinum, Stephanie S, – Platinum, Brandi A. – Platinum, Victoria H. (Tap) – Platinum

Overall Model
1st Runner Up – Brandi A.
2nd Runner Up – Alexandra L.
3rd Runner Up – Gabriella N.
4th Runner Up – Miles W.

Winner Mini – Gabriella N.
Winner Young – Olivia G.
Winner Teen – Miles W.
1st Runner Up – Young – Alexandra L.
2nd Runner Up Senior – Brandi A.
3rd Runner Up Senior – Victoria H.
4th Runner Up Young – Brooke D.
4th Runner Up Teen – Claire P.
5th Runner Up Teen – Mara K.

Winner Mini Formal – Gabriella N.
Winner Young Formal – Alexandra L.
Winner Teen Formal – Miles W.
Winner Senior Formal – Brandi A.
Winner Mini Fashion – Gabriella N.
Winner Young Fashion – Brooke D.
Winner Teen Fashion – Miles W.
Winner Senior Fashion – Brandi A.
1st Runner Up Young Formal – Brooke D.
1st Runner Up Teen Formal – Mara K.
1st Runner Up Senior Formal – Victoria H.
1st Runner Up – Young Fashion – Alexandra L.
1st Runner Up Teen Fashion – Mara K.
1st Runner Up Senior Fashion – Victoria H.
2nd Runner Up Young Formal – Olivia G.
2nd Runner Up – Young Fashion – Olivia G.

Elite Team Scholarship Winners
Gabriella N., Madison G., Brooke D., Alexandra L., Claire P., Miles W.