March 4-5, 2017
Bristol, CT

High Score Awards

Winner 16-18 Senior Competitive Solos – Miles W.

  2nd 16-18 Senior Competitive Groups – Pandemonium

2nd 9-12 Senior Competitive Solos – Brooke D. (Vocal)

3rd 16-18 Senior Competitive Solos – Brandi A. (Tap)

3rd 9-12 Junior Competitive Groups – Surf’s Up

3rd 9-12 Junior Competitive Solos – Sylvia S.

4th 13-15 Senior Competitive Solos – Mara K. (Tap)

4th 9-12 Junior Competitive Solos – Gabriella N.

4th 9-12 Junior Competitive Groups – Bell Hop Boogie

4th 16-18 Senior Competitive Solos – Victoria H. (Tap)

5th 16-18 Senior Competitive Groups – Salem

5th 9-12 Junior Competitive Solos – Madison G.

7th 13-15 Senior Competitive Solos – Claire P.

7th 13-15 Junior Competitive Groups – Sunday Morning

7th 9-12 Junior Competitive Solos – Jaidyn C.

8th 13-15 Junior Competitive Groups – Youth

9th 13-15 Senior Competitive Groups – The Boy Who Lived

9th 13-15 Senior Competitive Groups – The Game

9th 13-15 Junior Competitive Groups – Cracks

9th 9-12 Junior Competitive Groups – Wicked Little Girls

10th 16-18 Senior Competitive Groups – Sweet Dreams

10th 13-15 Senior Competitive Groups – The Heist

10th 16-18 Senior Competitive Solos – Katherine I.


Winner Outstanding Choreography



Winner 16-18 Senior Competitive Solo – Miles W.


Medal Placement
Wicked Little Girls – Sophisticated Gold, Bell Hop Boogie –
Sophisticated Gold, The Boy Who Lived – Sophisticated Gold, Single Ladies – Sophisticated Gold, Surf’s Up – Sophisticated Gold, Sunday Morning – Sophisticated Gold, The Heist – Sophisticated Gold, Salem – Sophisticated Gold, Cracks – Gold, Sweet Dreams – Sophisticated Gold, Youth – Sophisticated Gold, The Game – Sophisticated Gold, Pandemonium – Platinum, Gabriella N. – Sophisticated Gold, Jaidyn C. – Sophisticated Gold, Madison G. – Sophisticated Gold, Brooke D. – Sophisticated Gold, Sylvia S. – Sophisticated Gold, Brooke D. (Vocal) – Platinum, Kaylene K. – Sophisticated Gold, Mara K. (Tap) – Sophisticated Gold, Alix G. – Sophisticated Gold, Caroline B. – Sophisticated Gold, Alexandra G. – Sophisticated Gold, Mara K. (Lyric) – Sophisticated Gold, Claire P. – Sophisticated Gold, Victoria H. (Tap) – Platinum, Brandi A. (Tap) – Platinum, Brandi A.(Open) – Sophisticated Gold , Miles W. – Platinum, Katherine I. – Sophisticated Gold, Victoria H. (Musical Theater) – Sophisticated Gold

Special Awards
Fun in the Sun – Surf’s Up

Thoughtful and Clever – The Heist

Broadway Stars – Pandemonium

Classic Jazz – Brooke D.

Attention To Detail – Claire P.

Future Star – Miles W.


Winner Studio Spirit

Westbrook Dance Academy


National Performance Team Nominations
Bell Hop Boogie, The Heist, The Game, Kaylene K., Alexandra L., Brandi A. (Tap) Miles W., Brooke D. (Vocal) Sylvia S., Mara K. (Tap) Gabriella N., Victoria H. (Tap) Madison G., Claire P., Jaidyn C., Katherine I.